Digital Service Delivery Project – Reset and Delivery



A Global Services Company

Business Challenge

A business critical project to digitise the service delivery of its largest contract in Asia Pacific was failing to deliver. Over six months behind schedule and still drifting. With project costs blowing out and significant reputational risk profile, it required rapid containment and rescue. 

How Lilyfield Partners helped

Lilyfield Partners provided a senior program delivery resource to contain the slippage and turn around the project. 

  • Critical development and testing resources were quickly co-located. 
  • Relationship with key vendors was quickly restructured establishing a much greater degree of collaboration and transparency. 
  • Restructured the team and changed key leadership roles.
  • Introduced a highly effective structure for rapid issue prioritisation and resolution.

Lilyfield Partners also provided a senior change management resource to further strengthen the broader change management team.

Outcome Delivered

The project slippage was contained in less than 6 weeks. Delivery schedule was re-base lined and signed off by executive sponsors. The solution was successfully delivered and exceeded all expectations with the quality of the overall delivery.